so smoothly doth it suppress

What is the Pelicanizer?

The Pelicanizer is a tool that lets you create edited images of social media posts with some of their letters hidden, spelling a different (often humorous) message.

This kind of meme has its roots in a form of poetry that goes by many names — "blackout poetry", "redacted poetry", "erasure poetry", among others — and the results can be amusing, insightful, or even nonsensical.

What is a "pelican"?

A pelican is "a large gregarious waterbird with a long bill, an extensible throat pouch for scooping up fish, and mainly white or gray plumage". So says Google.

Jokes aside, a "pelican" is what we call an edited image of a social media post with some of its letters hidden. (And a group of "pelicans" is called a "party".)

Why do you call them "pelicans"?

In 2018, a Reddit post went viral which had an edited image of a tweet from former member of the pelican family Donald Trump.

o, the pelican. so smoothly doth he crest. a wind god!
A majestic pelican in flight. Its destination is unclear, but wherever it is, it's a better place than this.

This led to the creation of the subreddit r/othepelican, whose members refer to these kinds of edited images as "pelicans".

How do I make a pelican?

It's as easy as putting in a link to a tweet, selecting the words or letters you want to hide, and clicking the "Hide Selection" button.

The Pelicanizer also offers other features that can enhance a pelican or offer inspiration for making pelicans. For guidance on how to use the other features, visit our tutorial page (coming soon!).

I just got an error message! What do I do?

First off, try not to panic.

If you get an error message, it will likely contain an error log in a red or blue box. The error log will probably make sense to me, so please contact me to let me know about it. (Copy-paste the error log if you can!) If the error was my fault, I'll push a fix for it as soon as possible.

There is a spinning loader stuck on my screen! What do I do?

If the spinning loader animation runs for longer than 30 seconds without disappearing, this is probably because an error was thrown somewhere in the code that I didn't anticipate.

If this happens to you, please contact me as soon as possible to let me know about it. Let me know what you did before it happened, and provide as much detail as you can. I will do my best to fix the issue that caused it as soon as possible.

I made a cool pelican I want to show you!

That's great! Post it on r/othepelican; I'll probably see it.

You can also send it to me via my Twitter, my Mastodon, or (if you have none of those) my email.

What's the use of this?

to git karma
One reason of many.