What is this website about? is a website that lets you create humorous edited images of tweets, which we like to call "pelicans". These images can be saved to your device and shared anywhere.

Similar to blackout poetry, certain words or letters are blocked out, and the remaining words and letters constitute the poem (or "pelican"). The results can be humorous, insightful, powerful, or even nonsensical.

What's a "pelican"?

A pelican, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is "any of a genus (Pelecanus) of large web-footed fish-eating birds with a very large bill and distensible gular pouch".

Jokes aside, a "pelican" is what we call an edited image of a tweet that has some of its letters blocked out. This is the same name that the subreddit r/othepelican calls them, mainly because of one such image that edits a tweet from Donald Trump to say "o, the Pelican. so smoothly doth he crest. a wind god!"

"o, the Pelican. so smoothly doth he crest. a wind god!"
A majestic pelican in flight. No wonder the President decided to sneak in that secret message expressing its glory.

How do I make a pelican?

It's as easy as pasting in a link to a tweet, selecting the words or letters you want to block, and clicking the "Hide Selection" button. If you want more help, or you want to know what some of the other features do, please visit the tutorial page.

The tool just gave me a big scary error message! What do I do?

Don't panic, things don't work perfectly 100% of the time.

If you get an error message, most of the time it will give you a detailed description of where the error occurred, what it is, and how to deal with it yourself if possible. Follow whatever instructions appear; however, if it tells you to contact us, please do so to let us know about it as soon as possible.

I've made an awesome pelican that I want to show you!

That's awesome! Post it on Twitter, and mention @pelicanizer so that we can see it.